Our Industries

Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. Now several industries are associated with information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, and also e-commerce and computer services.

Nowadays IT become more crucial in every company. We are living in the age of always on. Today, billions of consumers are connected to the internet whenever and wherever they go. That’s mean many challenges in the IT world, its make the competition not easy anymore, every company races to be the number one on giving a solution without consider what clients really need. So that is why iLogo comes up to answer to this new challenge and present the right solution.

The pace of change within the financial services industry continues to accelerate. Regulation, social media, mobility and big data are redefining financial products and services. To successfully manage these rapidly changing industry and market trends, you need to stay at the forefront of technology adoption.

Our capabilities across all areas of IT will help you manage costs, optimize resources and maximize productivity through:

  • Delivery model innovation
  • Footprint rationalisation
  • Platform consolidation
  • End-to-end operational improvement

We will help you to get what you need but with compromising price. Dont hesitate to contact us.

Technological innovation is transforming the manufacturing industry and can be seen at almost every point of the supply chain. IT is a key enabler for critical manufacturing processes from product design and build, to customer care and after-sales service.

iLogo is IT operating models include the use of cloud technology to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources. We can also deliver collaborative and integrated platforms to help drive productivity in your organization while ensuring supply chain resilience and performance.

Our Digital Factory, built on an integrated IP network, gives you real-time visibility of your factory floor right through to the back office, distinct physical assets, workers and mission-critical processes.

With our consulting skills and IT expertise, we are able to understand your environment and challenges, and design the best solution for your manufacturing business. We work with you to reduce IT service costs while increasing the business value of IT in your organisation.

Our solutions and services are designed to help you:

  • Connect all elements within the factory and enterprise system environments through our end-to-end Digital Factory solution
  • Advance innovation in your operations through collaboration between enterprise business units and your extended network to reduce IT service costs while increasing the business value of IT
  • Increase visibility across the supply chain
  • Improve reporting and accuracy of data
  • Improve performance and resilience within your global network of trading partners
  • Improve security systems to protect data, assets and people
  • Drive service level adherence and best practice operations

Contact us to find out how our solutions and services can support your existing business initiatives and future goals

Media and Communications
As information converges through different channels to reach an array of devices across the globe, the line between communication and content is increasing productivity.

The competitive landscape for providing and delivering rich and interactive content has changed. From voice to video, media and communications providers are diversifying their offerings to meet the demand for innovative and content services.

With these changes comes the need for a considerable transformation in technology. Now more than ever, you need the right IT solutions to remain agile and provision new services quickly.

Our wide range of professional and managed services will help you to assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimise your IT environment. Our solutions include:

  • Cloud
  • Managed Services
  • Security
  • System Integration

Global opportunities comes with global challenges. There are risks associated with expanding into new and emerging markets. You may need to adapt products, adjust processes, and recruit skilled employees who can speak local languages and understand how a particular market or country operates.

The complexities of running a multinational business can drain valuable resources and expose you to undue risk. Yet, to take advantage of the opportunities that international business affords, you need to understand and manage these complexities to maintain your competitive edge.

Does your ICT partner have a firm grasp of the challenges of global and international business, an extensive geographical reach and expertise, and the flexibility to deliver to your specific needs?

We understand the complexity of managing a multinational organization. We work with you to solve critical business issues through technology, including:

  • Driving operational efficiency of IT infrastructures
  • Creating profitable customer relationships by improving global communication channels
  • Improving employee productivity through collaboration and knowledge management
  • Reducing risk by securing networks, applications and data
  • Maximising the value of information assets while minimising costs

We offer multi-vendor services and local support wherever you are and deliver services consistently across the globe through our global service delivery platform, allowing new features to be rolled out within days.

You also benefit from our knowledge of in-country nuances such as laws and regulations, tax and logistics, import duties, currencies, languages and cultures.

Citizens across the globe require the seamless delivery of government programmes and services, and demand high levels of transparency and accountability from public sector agencies.

From health and education to infrastructure and utilities, the maturity of public services affects government ability to deliver. Whether you are aiming to provide essential services where none exist or to offer more services, more quickly, to more people, there is a need for innovative solutions to swiftly close any gaps.

Do you have a clear roadmap for IT solutions to improve delivery to citizens? Technology solutions can accelerate the delivery of services to citizens, improve operational efficiency, optimise costs and drive innovation in a secure environment.

Our partners with government and public sector institutions to provide and develop skills, solutions and sustainable IT strategies that accelerate government ability to deliver and manage its services.

Our solutions cover:

  • Connected real estate (CRE or smart buildings)
  • Virtualisation
  • Contact centres
  • Cloud
  • Communication lifecycle management
  • Technology lifecycle management